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The 30th CECE 2020 committee invites participants to propose Symposia. Send an e-mail to cece2020@ualg.pt


Sessions from the 9th ISFE will migrate from the previous organization, although some adjustments may be necessary. 

Symposia/Session organizers are responsible for inviting and selecting the speakers. Each symposium/session will follow from a plenary lecture and is composed of 2 state-of-the-art lectures (30 min) followed by (oral communications (15 min) that can be invited by the symposium/ session organizers and/or selected from submitted abstracts.


Conference registration fee for the state-of-art speakers will be waived by the conference organizers.

30th CECE 2020 provisional topics 

A – Reproduction 

B - Development

C – Metabolism 

D - Rhythms 

E – Stress 

F – Evolution of endocrine systems

G – Omics, techniques and technology

H – Interaction with environment

I – Endocrine disruption

J –Receptors

9th ISFE Provisional Thematic Sessions 

Session 1: Neuroendocrinology of behavior

Session 2: Endocrine control of growth

Session 3: Endocrine control of osmoregulation

Session 4: Evolution of endocrine systems

Session 5: Endocrine control of reproduction: brain and   pituitary

Session 6: Endocrinology of stress

Session 7: Endocrine control of reproduction: Gonads

Session 8: Endocrine response to environmental challenge

Session 9: Aquaculture endocrinology

Session 10: Sex determination and differentiation

Session 11: Endocrine   control of metabolism

Session 12:   Neuropeptides

Session 13: Endocrine   disruption

Session 14: Endocrine   control of development

Communication types

Oral presentations

There will be plenary lectures (single session), state-of-the-art lectures and oral communications (in parallel sessions). Oral presentations should be prepared in PowerPoint or PDF and compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Plenary lecture : 45 min

State-of-the-art lecture: 30 min incl. Q&A

Oral communication : 15 minutes incl. Q&A

Poster communications 

There will be CECE or ISFE dedicated poster sessions during the conference. Posters will not be accepted for display from presenters who are not attending the conference. Each participant can submit only one poster. 

Poster size:  A0 900x1245mm// 35 7/16 x 49 inch - Portrait only.

Abstract submission



Abstracts should be written in English using the following template:


(download abstract template)

Decision on the presentation type (oral or poster) will be be communicated before the 30th June.

Each participant can submit at most two abstracts (one for oral communication, one for poster). Upon registration, participants will receive an email with a link directing to the abstract submission page.

Participants must name the abstract file (type doc; docx) using the surname and initial of the presenting author, number of abstract (if more than one), and society (ESCE or ISFE) acronym. Example: [DoeJ_1_ISFE.docx]


An acknowledgement email will be sent to confirm that the abstract was received. If no e-mail is received please contact the Congress Secretariat (cece2020@ualg.pt).

Abstract submission

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